The parcel

House of dreams is a beautiful house with it’s own special climate. It was built in 1938 for officers of German Army. Total surface is 160 m². Whole building is inside totally renovated. Renovation was made in this year. The house lays at 500 m² parcel, surrounded from three sides by 80-years-old forest. There are three parkplaces on the parcel. There is a big 40 m2 terrace behind the building, connected with dining room. The parcel is totally enclosured, safe for small children.

The house

There are 4 bedrooms for 13 people in the house.
First floor

Second floor

There are DVD players, TV-SAT and unplugged internet in all bedrooms. There are three bathrooms in the building.

There is 15 m2 living room ( TV + fire place) connected with 15 m2 dining-room ( big table for 12 persons). There is also big kitchen close to these rooms. Kitchen equipment:

Additional equipment.

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